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Sri Bhagyalaksmi Farms now presents a new commercial gardening design platform. For several years, Sri Bhagyalaksmi Farms has maintained its fine quality, reliability and service. We provide service in residential and commercial development regarding landscape and gardening design, hotels, healthcare providers, institutions, parks and private residences. Sri Bhagyalaksmi Farms has a strong and dedicated staff, who have a qualified reputation in every level of landscape architecture and design, with a keen eye for minute attention to details, their prime concern being customer satisfaction and work with an incredibly flexible schedule.

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Our Strength

Farm spread over 150acres of green land Fully equipped infrastructure Technically qualified Team State of the art Tissue culture Lab In house tissue culture lab Dedicated R&D team

Our Installations

Our Green Walls are currently installed more than 30,000 Sqft Pan India & Still counting..

Sri Bhagyalaksmi Farms

Sri Bhagyalaksmi Farms is a full package to support architects and Interiors in landscaping. Our strength can be described.

  • Vertical Green walls - for indoor and outdoor
  • More than 10,000 Bonsais
  • Hydrophonic Aquatic Plants - 120 varieties of aquatic plants, specialisation in Aquascaping
  • Tissue culture lab
  • Plantations and Orchard Crops - 3500 coconut palms, 2800 mango trees,Sapota about 600 plants of Kalipatti, Pomelo plants, Litchis, Rambutan, Arecanut
  • Special Exotic fruits section. This is from the R&D department of the farm. It has Lacota , Palsa , Mulberry , Cherry Gauva , Mallyan apple , White Sapota , Ber , Jamun Plants , Sweet Commruck , Cumcot Orange , Duriyan , Hogplum and Rose apple.
  • 5 man made lakes.
  • Colourful Avery bird house.
  • Horses
  • Different dog breads.
  • Much More and Many More..

Our Services

Bonsai Living Art

Bobsai’s create a Miniature living landscapes with Full Fledge Photo Synthesis in your Offices/ Home / Living Area and others.

Green Carpet / Lawn

Natural Green Carpet in the back yard / house front means Lots and Lots of Fresh Oxygen, Good Looks and Low Maintenance. We take care of your Natural Carpet in all phases.

Residential Gardening.

Creating a Green Environment in the Urban areas like Bangalore is always a challenge due to the lack of place. We have an innovative solutions for you. We have options of Fresh Vegetables or Ornamental Plants..


Agriculture Tourism is the fusion of Agri, Culture and Tourism. It is a holiday concept of visiting a working agricultural and allied farm for the purpose of entertainment and education activities of the farm.

Green Walls

Green walls is all about building the Gardens Vertically attached to the Interior / Exterior of a building. The shades of Green & Colors add Berating Architectural Beauty for your Structures..


Landscaping is all about the playing the living elements with creating beautiful environment both Indoor and Outdoor. We with play Flora, Fauna, Landforms, Elevation, Water Bodies and Trees.

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